About Me

Welcome to Life Tracks Training, I am Elizabeth Minor, PPDT – Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer and Certified Pet First Aid Instructor. In addition to Life Tracks Training, I owned and operated Pleased Pets, makers of “Meat Muffins” food supplements for dogs. I recently retired this company after a successful production run of twenty-four years.

My history with animals started at an early age, I rescued injured birds, small animals and stray cats from the neighborhood. As I grew older I started helping unwanted and abused dogs, I always had the strongest passion for dogs. The first three dogs I adopted as a young adult were rescues and their behaviors became the motivation to become interested in dog training. It did not take me long to realize that not all problems can be resolved with love and compassion. Kye was a neglected fear biter, Lilli was a feral broken soul and Hays was an anxious fear biter assessed to be euthanized. With dedication, education, and patience I was able to give them evolved, healthy, and socially enriched lives while gaining an undeniable bond with them.

I am often surprised and humbled by the resiliency of the canine species.

With the lack of regulations in dog training it is the utmost importance to me that my certifications are held with credible, effective humane facilities and educators. I am PPDT certified in Professional Pet Dog Training. This certification is held with Good Dog Academy in Vancouver, BC, with Director of Training Jamie Knowles, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA. I studied with The Academy for Dog Trainers online course Dog Training 101 with Jean Donaldson and earned certificates in Scent Work, Canine Enrichment, The Art of Relaxation and Dog Walking. I am currently working towards the Certified Professional Dog trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA®) certification. This certification measures a broad range of knowledge and skills in ethology, learning theory, dog training technique and instruction. The importance of continuing education using force-free training techniques is crucial within the ever-evolving dog training industry. I continue to regularly upgrade my education with seminars, webinars, classes, and online courses.

I offer the education and skills to help you better understand your canines communication and behaviors. Achieving success through formal evidence-based education, critical thinking and application leads to a well-rounded method of training to achieve the end goal. Polite, socialized, happy canines and bonded partnerships with their humans.

I work to help dogs and their people by raising the standards with the most up-to-date force-free techniques in dog training today.

Life Tracks Training is based in the beautiful Foothills of Diamond Valley, Alberta, Canada. Dog Training and Pet First Aid Courses are available in both Calgary and area.