“Canine Friendly Supreme” First Aid Kit

The “Canine Friendly Supreme” first aid kit features a water resistant carry case, light weight at approx 2 lbs, The “all in one” kit. $56 CAD.

Contains 75 items:

Conforming gauze rolls 5cmx4.1m/2inx4.5yd x 2
Conforming gauze roll 7.5cmx4.1m/3inx4.5yd x 1
“3’x3” Sterile woven gauze pads x 20
Elastic tensor bandage 5cmx4.5m/2inx5yd x 1
Elastic tensor bandage 7.5cmx4.5m/2inx5yd x 1
EMS utility scissors x 1
Square gauze pads x 4
Rectangular gauze pads x 4
BD sterile pads 20x25cm/8x10inx2 x 1
Triangular bandage, with pins x 2
Exam gloves x 2
Adhesive tape x 1
Cold pack x 1
Benzalkonium Chloride antiseptic towelettes x 15
Emergency blanket x 1
Assorted fabric band-aids – for the humans!